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Richard Lemm

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Richard Lemm was born and raised in Seattle. He immigrated to Canada in 1967 and moved to PEI in 1983. He worked as a free-lance journalist and editor, served as a writer in residence for public schools, colleges, and libraries, and taught in the Writing Program at The Banff Centre for the Arts during 1977-1987. He has a B.A. Hons. from Simon Fraser University, and M.A. from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ont.), and a Ph.D. from Dalhousie University. Since 1988, he has been a professor of Creative Writing and Canadian and Post-colonial Literature at the University of Prince Edward Island. In recent years, he was a writer in residence for the Tasmania Writers’ Centre in Hobart, and a writer in residence at the Hawthornden Castle International Writers’ Retreat in Scotland.

Editor: Riptides: New Island Fiction (Acorn Press 2012)
Burning House (poetry, Wolsak & Wynn 2010)
Shape of Things to Come (fiction, Acorn Press 2007)
Four Ways of Dealing with Bullies (poetry, Wolsak & Wynn 2000)
Milton Acorn: In Love and Anger (biography, Carleton UP & McGill-Queen’s UP 1999)
Prelude to the Bacchanal (poetry, Ragweed Press 1995)
A Difficult Faith (poetry, Pottersfield Press 1985)
Dancing in Asylum (poetry, Pottersfield Press 1982)