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Lorraine Clements

[email protected]

I am a true Islander with true Island views. I like to write, have taken a few Creative Writing courses, some at UPEI and some at Seniors College and will continue to do so. I was born in Charlottetown, with a Murphy mother and a Monaghan father, so a strict Irish Catholic family indeed. I guess that is why I attended two convents, St. Josephs and Notre Dame. I am married to Fred and we have three children who have each blessed us with grandchildren. I love to do crafts, cross stitching, stained glass, painting, sewing, Red Hatting (I am Queen Mother Lorraine of the Royal Rascals), as well as golf (no I am not any good at it, I just like the fresh air and the walk), photography, walking, I volunteer a bit and this year at Seniors College I have been introduced to Birding.
In 2001 when PEI was going green with total recycling, I published a book, “Guide to Recycling on Prince Edward Island.” It is a sorting guide and was quite popular for the first year as people on PEI, from tip to tip, were learning which sorting stream needed with everyday items to sort. It was quite a learning and rewarding experience. I patented the book. I did my own photography for it as well. It was put together with love, so in the long run, it is for our children and grandchildren and their children that we have a cleaner place to live. P.E.I. is a green province and no other province can prove 100% green as we do. My book was introduced into the PEI Legislature by MLA Beth MacKenzie so it was indeed a proud moment for me.
I intend at some point in my life before I am too old and forgetful, to write a book about growing up in a boarding house environment, attending convents and perhaps the kids from King Street. We’ll see how it goes as I build a good number of stories to be edited by other eyes.
I quite enjoy a good mystery where I can escape into a world of clues and what ifs, but I also love biography and autobiography.
To wrap up I would say my profile should say, “ I dabble”. I dabble in so many things of interest, I will never be able to live long enough to do it all unless science comes through for us. My latest “want to complete” item is to get a degree at UPEI. I am a long way from the end but with time I’ll see it through, after all, to live a long life, one needs a long term goal.