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Kathy Birt

[email protected]

Graduated from Holland College Journalism, Class of ’82. Had already worked with the Guardian and evening Patriot on a freelance basis. After working full-time with both until fall of ’86, went to radio. Stayed with CHTN Radio until fall of ’92. While working in radio did some freelance with magazines in NS and NB. Continued to freelance and in 1996 began working in Call centers, night shift, 4 to midnight, so as to pursue a freelance career in the day time hours. This continued until 2012 when I retired. Since then I have self-published five books and have many more to write. My passion is writing for sure.

Memories for Mothers, (1982) Flat-out reading, (1995) My Letters to the Editor (2011) Call Centre Culture: Unplugged (2012) Island Roots (2012) In My Opinion (2015), and Sharing Recipes: Not Your Best Kept Secrets (2015)