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Bruce McCallum

[email protected]

Bruce McCallum comes from backwoods of northwest Ontario, but he attended high school and university in Winnipeg. He has lived in Prince Edward Island since 1977. He worked for the federal government in the renewable energy field in Ottawa and in PEI before becoming a bioenergy consultant and international forestry journalist.

After retirement in 2011, Bruce turned to creative writing. He has written a history book: Memories of the Chukuni Lumber Company, (2013); a murder-mystery novel (not yet published); a novella: Death in the Doach Woods, (2015) and many short stories, both memoir and fiction. An anthology of Crazy Winter Driving Stories is to be published in 2016. He recently acted as the editor and project coordinator for a short story anthology: White Lightning and Other Stories from The Writers in Group (TWIG).