About Us

We are the PEI Writers' Guild—a group of authors, editors, publishing industry professionals, and community-minded writers. While we can be whimsical storytellers and wandering poets, we can also be marketing experts, web designers and screenwriters.

We are content creators and influencers, rooted in Prince Edward Island, but with a dynamic, enveloping global wingspan. We are diverse, indigenous, newcomers to Canada and long-settled immigrants. We are students, and we are teachers. We write short fiction, YA, memoir, and travel. We write creative nonfiction, lyric poems, ballads, eco poetry, and recipes. We are spoken word artists, performance poets, and we write legends, bedtime stories, and more!

Our Vision, Mission, & Mandate

The vision of the PEI Writers' Guild is to create a thriving, inclusive writing community, right here on PEI.

The mission of the PEI Writers' Guild is to promote writing on Prince Edward Island and to inspire, support, and encourage established, emerging, and potential writers to find their voice, improve their craft, and experience success in their writing. 

The Mandate of the PEI Writers' Guild is:

1. To provide mentorship, training, and a safe space for ALL writers to share, explore, learn, and hone their craft. 
2. To facilitate opportunities for writers to share and promote their work and craft. 
3. To encourage entrepreneurial, economic, and business aspects of writing. 
4. To represent the interests of Island writers with leaders in government, key stakeholders, and the general public. 
5. To provide opportunities for the writing community to meet, share, and self-support. 

Your Voice Matters!

The PEI Writers' Guild is dedicated to the representation of diverse voices in our Guild, especially those communities whose members have been marginalized. If you are BIPOC, Latinx, 2SLGBTQ+, disabled, or low-income, we are looking for your voice. Please join as a member (barrier-free for your first year), take advantage of our workshop bursaries, or join us as a facilitator. 

Our Board


Shawn Hogan, Executive Director | Tanya Davis, Co-Chair | Todd MacEwen, Co-Chair
Michelle Harris Genge, Secretary | Emma Fugate, Treasurer


Todd McEwen | Kirstin Lund | Dylan Roberts | Jahan Bloch
Vanessa Bradley | Tanya Davis | Lauren Lawlor

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