Stir of Shadows by Jaime Lee Mann – BOOK LAUNCH

Bestselling middle-grade fantasy author Jaime Lee Mann started writing down the bedtime stories she told her daughters when she realized they couldn’t get enough of the tales. Now she is preparing for the release of the sixth title in the beloved Legend of Rhyme series, Stir of Shadows. This magical tale full of mermaids and witches, pixies and phoenixes, and several special sets of twins is already enthralling advance reviewers both young and adult, and creating buzz around the latest plot twist: a bi-racial same-sex romance.

“Over the past four years, as I’ve gone through the process of writing and promoting this series, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many children who love to read,” says Jaime. “I’ve been feeling an even greater responsibility with each of these books to use my voice to inspire children to think more broadly, touching on environmental issues, feminism, mental health awareness, and wolves in sheep’s clothing. I wrote this particular book with the clear intention of wanting every child who reads it to be able to relate to the story on some level, hence the same-sex relationship, more sibling rivalry, and the consequences of making poor decisions.”

To fully enjoy the Legend of Rhyme series, Jaime encourages new readers to begin with the first book in the series, Elora of Stone, before moving on to Into Coraira, Teagan of Tomorrow, Second Twin, and Blood and Stars.

Stir of Shadows is published by Blue Moon Publishers and marketed by DigiWriting, and will be launching September 20th at 6:30pm, at the Confederation Centre Public Library.